Dynamic Connections 2020


Each track features five 90 minute blocks to provide ample time to dive deep into these trending topics and bring a variety of perspectives to the conversation.


SECURITY IN THE CLOUD | Championing innovative solutions for government cloud adoption and establishing the archetypical frameworks for transitioning your enterprise into the future.

  1. The Zero Trust Narrative: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  2. Hybrid Architecture: Window Shopping for the Best Fit in a Congested Market
  3. Establishing Trust When Your Enterprise Resides in the Cloud


SECURITY IN SHARING & STORING DATA | Exploring trusted solutions for maintaining data confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all mission critical data and information. This track peers into mission-driven needs for creating next generation solutions to maintain mission resilience while sharing and storing data.

  1. Applying Government-Mandated Cybersecurity to Critical Infrastructure
  2. Mission Resilience in Contested and Unattended Environments
  3. Raising the Bar on Weapons System Cybersecurity
  4. ProtectD@R: High Assurance Data Protection for Storing Classified and Unclassified Data
  5. Do Not Disturb: Whole of Nation Priorities We Can’t Afford to Get Wrong


SECURITY IN COMMUNICATIONS | Stepping into every corner of the digital domain to assert high assurance data protection for all mission needs, with a special focus on national security. Developing the gold standard in secure voice and network products, this track highlights modern approaches to securing communications and inspiring the future of our portfolio driven by customers' most pressing priorities.

  1. TACLANE: Market Leading Advanced Cryptographic Solutions for Your Mission
  2. Classified Voice Communication Solutions
  3. Defending Critical National Security Assets and Networks in Space
  4. Improving the Secure Communications Experience On and Off the Battlefield
  5. Secure Mobile Technologies and Solutions


TECHNOLOGY | Focusing on the impact and significance of advancing technology and the immediate opportunities created for application in information security. Delivering tomorrow's conversations today, this track spotlights our investments in the next horizon of technologies and addresses government's ability to operate in the digital domain of the future.

  1. Start with Resilience: Fortifying System Architectures using AI/ML
  2. Profiling User Behavior to Continuously Validate Identities
  3. Keeping Secrets: The Next Generation of Cryptography
  4. Cyber Weapons: A Panel Discussion on Policy and Implications of Hack Back
  5. Piecing Together the Quantum and Cybersecurity Puzzle

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